Pursue your medical and pharmaceutical studies in France – Admissions to DFMS/DFMSA 2024-2025

Each year, France offers the opportunity for foreign specialist doctors and pharmacists* to apply for the specialized medical training diploma (DFMS), or the in-depth specialized medical training diploma (DFMSA). This diploma allows you to continue your theoretical medical training and practical training courses in France, over a period of 1 to 6 semesters.

Each year, medical and pharmaceutical students in Egypt are selected and joined a class of practitioners from 37 countries to follow their training in French universities.


Are you considering a plan to continue your medical training in France? You are invited to follow the admission procedure and to download the DFMS/DFMSA application file from the University of Strasbourg website, the call for applications is now open until January 15, 2024!


ATTN: 1st electronic submission of your application form and your language certificate (Annex 2E) is mandatory before December 12, 2023. In the absence of this submission, your file No. 1 will not be accepted for 2024-2025.

Registration conditions: Candidates must demonstrate mastery of the French language at DELF B2 level.

Specialized medical training diploma (DFMS): the candidate must hold a diploma allowing the practice of the profession in his country and he must be in the process of specialized medical or pharmaceutical training.

Diploma of in-depth specialized medical training (DFMSA): the candidate must hold a specialist doctor or pharmacist diploma allowing the practice of the specialty in their country.


*Diplomas open to foreign nationals, excluding nationals of member states of the European Union (EU), states forming part of the European Economic Area (EEA), the Swiss Confederation or the Principality of Andorra.

The DFMS and DFMSA are also accessible to refugee candidates, stateless persons or beneficiaries of subsidiary protection.


For more information, contact us: medecine@ifegypte.com