The Digital Museum – Micro-folie

Inspired by the Parc de La Villette’s Folies, designed by architect Bernard Tschumi, the imaginative Micro-Folie project is led by the French Ministry of Culture and is coordinated by La Villette.

The French Institute in Egypt’s Micro-Folie is hosted at the media library, featuring conviviality and exchange spaces open to all audiences. The Digital Museum, a gateway to humanity’s diversity of cultural treasures.

Going one step further

Micro-Folie :

What is it?

A virtual gallery of fine arts, architecture, scientific cultures and living spectacle addressed to all audiences acts as a genuine artistic and cultural educational tool. On the auditorium’s large screen and with synchronized tablets, the Digital Museum lets you discover a selection of over 1000 masterpieces from 84 great French and international universal institution, all in digital format and in ultra-high definition.

The Château de Versailles, the Centre Pompidou, the Louvre, the Picasso National Museum, the Quai Branly Museum: Jacques Chirac, the Paris Philharmonic, Universcience, the Assembly of National Museums and the Grand Palais (RMN-Grand Palais), the Avignon Festival, the Opéra de Paris, the Orsay Museum, the Association of European Royal Residences, and two of Mexico’s largest museums: the Modern Art Museum and the Anthropology Museum.

The tablets display content explaining the pieces, enabling visitors to explore them in greater detail and approach some of them in a very playful way. Musical clips and video excerpts supplement the system.

Two visitation formats are offered:

Open visits

Each visitor can follow their own navigation, between the screen and the tablet, by reading the labels designed by museum curators, discovering the secrets behind painting, playing, etc…

For more information

Email :
Phone : 012 200 515 03.

Group visits
(on Tuesday mornings)

It is possible to organize thematic and programed group visits. As a genuine artistic and cultural educational tool, the Digital Museum is becoming an incredible mediation support tool for professors and animators.