Intensive summer sessions

Learn Arabic in the DEAC!

Intensive program:

This is a four-week course in July or September.

In July, we offer four different programs:

Program 1:

a program where we combine the two registers of the Arabic language (fusha and Egyptian dialect) with 26 contact hours per week: 18 in fusha and 8 in dialect. This program is available in four levels (beginner, semi-beginner, intermediate and advanced).

Program 2:

Intensive study of fusha with 24 contact hours per week. This course is also available in four levels (beginner, fsemi-beginner, intermediate and advanced).

Program 3:

Intensive study of the Egyptian dialect (20 contact hours). This program is only open to students with a reading knowledge of Arabic as all of the course materials are in Arabic.

Program 4:

A program designed to prepare for the Arabic exams of the Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères. This program is only offer remotely and is held in July.

Calendar of July and September 2024 sessions

  • July 2024 session: from 30 June 2024 to 25 July 2024 (registration deadline: 23 May 2024)
  • September 2024 session: from 1 September 2024 to 26 September 2024 (registration deadline: 7th July 2024)

Documents to download:

July session: the placement tests take place between 23 and 27 June 2024,
September session: the placement tests take place between 26 and 29 August 2024.