Contest rules

This competition is free and open to anyone, of Egyptian or French-speaking nationality. Participants will be in two categories for each medium; under and over 18.

To participate, you must send a photo or video (maximum 30sec) taken by a mobile phone, which illustrates one of the words of the theme. The ten words are: décalé – divulgâcher – ébaudi – époustouflant – farcer – kaï – méduser – pincemoi – saperlipopette – tintamarre. The reference to the chosen word must be identifiable in the production.

The achievement must be sent before April 15 at midnight, Cairo time, in .jpg format (for photos) or .mp4 (for videos) indicating: surname, first name, word chosen in the title of the file (example: first_name_word.jpg) and accompanied in the body of the email by: surname, first name, date of birth and the chosen words. Only photos and videos taken by mobile phone are accepted. In the event of sending several proposals, the jury reserves the right, after evaluation, to retain only one per candidate.

The jury is composed of photography and video art experts and professionals, such as Francophone representatives. It will take into account the rarity and originality of the word in its notation as well as the aesthetic and compositional criteria of the works.