Our French courses in New Cairo

Our French courses at our New Cairo Branch

Would you like to learn French?

Regardless of your motivation, we have the right course for you!

Our team of professional teachers is here to guarantee the best learning experience possible via our recent handbooks and audiovisual material from French publishing houses.

By taking a course at the New Cairo branch of the French Institute in Egypt, you have access to a francophone library and multiple cultural activities throughout the year with other learners.

Come and learn French at the New Cairo branch of the IFE

We provide courses for all levels and all ages in our modern and equipped premises in order to guarantee the best learning experience possible We provide teaching over 14 levels from beginner to advanced. Each level is made up of 40 hours of teaching.


In addition to the traditional curriculum, conversation, consolidation and translation classes are also available. Learners’ skills are assessed at the end of each level in order for them to obtain a certificate and advance to the higher level.

The Heliopolis branch of the French Institute in Egypt provides initiation courses which allow you to smoothly advance and obtain official French certificates such as TEF, TCF, and DELF.

And to go even further

The French Institute in Egypt provides an array of certificate (diplomas and tests) provided by France éducation international (FEI) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris Îles-de-France (CCI Paris IdF).
Our certificates are aimed at all ages and all levels (access to French universities, acquisition of the French nationality…)

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On site course

Date : 21-05-2024

دورات الكبار في مقر المعهد:

يتم تقديمها من قبل المعهد الفرنسي في مصر على 14 مستوى من المستوى A1 إلي المستوي  B2وفقًا للإطار الأوروبي...

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Young students

Online course

Date : 04-06-2024

Cours de français général – en ligne – Jeune public

Des cours en ligne pour le jeune public à partir de l’âge de 7 ans. Ces cours en ligne...

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Learn «100% French online»

Also discover our program «100% online!» which offers you the possibility to learn French remotely from your home, your office, your holiday venue, or any other place of your choice with an internet connection and a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.