General presentation

The French Embassy in Egypt’s Cooperation and Cultural Action Department (SCAC) is responsible for Franco-Egyptian cooperation in terms of visual arts and performing arts, the book, debates of ideas, broadcasting and heritage.

Its primary tool is the French Institute in Egypt, whose programing is spread across three branches dedicated to culture: Cairo, Alexandria and Heliopolis.

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The IFE’s three branches’ programing offers accessible and meaningful events on a regular basis around movie screenings, literary events, roundups and workshops for the youth, exhibitions, shows and conferences. It also schedules other events of the French, francophone and international calendar. The Villa Champollion program is another major focus of France’s cultural action in Egypt.

The three media libraries come to supplement modern and open-to-all facilities including the auditoriums in Cairo and Alexandria, exhibition and restaurant areas, etc.

With a focus on cultural and creative industries (ICC), the French book, as well as debates of ideas, the IFE offers various regular programing cycles. These include Midan Mounira, a monthly meeting co-programed with the Cedej, Ifao and Ideo, la Fabrique de la ville durable (Sustainable City Making), Ecrire la Méditerranée (Writing the Mediterranean), Nuits du Ramadan (Ramadan Nights), and cinema. Its programing aligns with international key events: Nuit des Idées (Night of Ideas), Fête de la musique (Music Day), Nuit de la Poésie (Poetry Night), are all part of a regular programing of exhibitions, literary events, cinema, conferences, etc.

The IFE is at the forefront of digital events, notably with the V5 offer (5 headsets giving you access to the IF catalog and Arte, among others), access to the Culturethèque, on-demand IFCinéma, as well as the Digital Museum led by the Micro-Folie project initiative.

The IFE: support for culture

Beyond the programing within its walls, the IFE supports the development of cultural scenes, directly assisting and contributing to the programing of numerous Egyptian cultural events, such as: