Year-long session

The DEAC offers a year-long program from October to June. This program is divided into two semesters. We advise students to complete both but students may choose to complete only one semester.

Year-long session offer

For each semester, there is a set curriculum, in the first six weeks of the year-long and semester programs, students have 16 to 18 hours of Modern Standard Arabic (fusha) and 12 hours of the Egyptian dialect. The objective is for learners to begin to function independently in Cairo as soon as possible. After the first six weeks, the course load in dialect is reduced from 12 to eight hours a week, whereas the course load in Modern Standard Arabic remains the same (16 to 18 hours)..

Starting from the seventh week, students may choose to enroll in optional modules:

  • The optional modules: the student can choose two modules of two hours each per week (one in fusha and the other in dialect). In dialect, we offer four modules (songs, cinema, folklore, and theatre), in fusha we offer six modules (writing workshop, songs, book club, modern history, classical literature and translation).
  • Tutoring: the student may choose to receive one individual lesson per week in dialect and another in fusha, each thirty minutes. The student chooses the topics.

Luxor session: For a week, the program relocates to Luxor, Upper Egypt, for an intensive linguistic and cultural immersion course focused on the region. The issues specific to this part of the country are addressed through a thematically unified series of seminars, guest lectures and guided tours.
In February 2022, the session focused on the following themes: tourism and the excavation of certain sites, public health, customs and traditions, agriculture, and housing.

The Luxor session is only open to students who are enrolled in the year-long program.

Academic calendar

Program dates 2023-2024 :
from October 10th, 2023 to June 10th, 2024

First semester:
from October 10th, 2023 to February 1st, 2024

Second semester:
from February 18th to June 10th, 2024

Registration deadline

for the annual session 2023-2024 and the 1st semester:
July 13th, 2023

for the 2nd semester:
January 3rd, 2024

Academic calendar
of DEAC sessions 2023-2024


Two sets of exams are organized during the year; the first is scheduled for the end of January and the second in June. Students receive graded transcripts

Registration methods and prices

To register, please download the registration form below and send it back with a C.V. to copying