Résidences Méditerranée  ,Friche la Belle de Mai – Marseille


Residency program

Résidences Méditerranée

Friche la Belle de Mai – Marseille

1 Photographer

Deadline to apply: Sunday May 26th (included)

Residency for 3 month from August 26TH until November 25th 2024




  • The Friche la Belle de Mai and the French Institute of Morocco have joined forces to set up a new residency program that began in 2015 and was expanded in 2017 with the French Institute of Algeria, in 2018 with the French Embassy in Iran, in 2021 with the French Institute of Egypt and the French Institute of Jerusalem. The aim of this residency program is to welcome emerging Moroccan, Algerian, Iranian, Egyptian and Palestinian artists to Marseille to encourage their mobility in the Mediterranean. This residency at La Friche offers them a framework for research and creation that allows them to develop their artistic practice and to (re)discover the French artistic scene.
  • > A space for creation and confrontation
  • Each artist has access to a production space adapted to his or her project and the forms he or she develops. A personalized accompaniment is set up via the involvement of a tutor throughout the residency allowing moments of speech and “criticism” which will open spaces of reflection to each one.
  • > The opening of workshops to the public, meetings with curators, art critics, editors and journalists will open perspectives, new collaborations and visibility of the work in progress.



  • The applications will have to take into account the local context, i.e. the city of Marseille and its metropolis, in order to realize their project. The residents will be able to open up a new field of reflection. They will be able to distance themselves from their current practices, to experiment with another approach or to finalize a creation in progress in connection with the city. The artists will be able to look at its territories, its history, and its position as a geographical and cultural crossroads. During their residency, the meeting with professionals will be organized as well as moments of exchange with the professionals passing through Marseille.
  • Residents are provided with a room and a work space on the Friche la Belle de Mai The villa made available by La Friche Belle de Mai has 20 rooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and a dining room.
  • Le Bec en l’Air, a publisher specializing in photography, is the designated mentor to provide expertise on the artist’s work and a production grant is set up by the French Institute of Egypt.
  • The transportation of the residents between Egypt and France as well as daily per-diems are covered by the French Institute of Egypt.
  • Return transportation of the works is not covered.
  • A report of the residency will be requested at the end of the residency.

To participate in the call for applications, the artist must:

  • Be of Egyptian nationality, work and reside in Egypt
  • Present a specific project for Marseille and its metropolis;
  • Have completed their academic studies and/or have a minimum of 3 years of professional experience in the artistic sector;
  • Have already developed one or more creative projects;
  • Have a valid passport for 3 months after the return from residency;
  • Speak French and/or English


  • A commission composed of the management of the partnering institutions studies all the applications and selects the winners of the program.
  • In addition to evaluating the candidate’s professional background, the jury members will pay particular attention to the artistic quality of the application, the arguments presented on the added value of this residency perspective in France, the work protocol envisaged and the contacts or partnerships already established.

– Application deadline: April 1st until May 26th, 2024

– Announcement of results: June 2024

– Residency: August 26th to November 25th, 2024


Send your file to the address: culture@ifegypte.com

This file will include:

– The form below duly completed

– A portfolio

– One or more texts intended to make understandable the stakes of the candidate’s practice as well as the project that the candidate intends to develop during his/her residency

– A complete CV

– Letter of motivation with project presentation

– The availability of the candidate during the period

– The candidate’s contacts (email, phone number and address)

Multiple applications will not be accepted.

It is not possible to bring accompanying persons to this program.

Paper files are not accepted, only applications by e-mail are accepted.

Please use Wetransfer and/or dropbox link for image and video files.

Applications received after the closing date of the call for projects will not be considered.

Contact for any question: culture@ifegypte.com

  • The French Institute of Egypt works to promote French culture, language and expertise in Egypt and to strengthen cooperation between Egypt and France in all fields: educational and linguistic, cultural, artistic, academic, scientific and technical.


  • Born in 1992 as a prototype of what is now called “Third Places”, new cultural and urban models, La Friche brings together in a unique and reinvented place, urban transformation, artistic permanence, link to the territory and active cooperation in the general interest.
  • La Friche la Belle de Mai was born out of the former Seita factory and is now a place of creation and innovation. It is both a working space for its 70 resident structures (350 artists, producers, and employees who work there every day) and a venue for the dissemination of art (600 public artistic proposals per year, from workshops for young people to the biggest festivals). With nearly 450,000 visitors per year, the Friche la Belle de Mai is a multiple public space of 45,000 m2 where 5 performance and concert halls, shared gardens, artist residencies, a playground and sports area, a restaurant, a bookstore, a daycare center, 2,400 m2 of exhibition space, an 8,000 m2 rooftop terrace, and a training center are all located.







  • Created in 1999, Le Bec en l’air is an independent publisher based in Marseille. Most of its publications have one thing in common: the dialogue between image and text, between photography and storytelling, through a studied layout, photographs and texts by authors. Over the years, the catalog has been enriched by a variety of photographic writings that nevertheless find an editorial coherence: photography as a tool for questioning the contemporary world, whether it be documentary, aesthetic or intimist concerns. Recognized or emerging photographers cross paths, without exclusion of style or artistic sensitivity.  In order to increase the visibility of its works, Le Bec en l’air works in co-edition with photography festivals, museums, galleries, agencies, cultural institutions and international publishers. The catalog, composed of more than 250 titles, is distributed in France and Belgium by Harmonia Mundi Livre since 2007; in Switzerland by Servidis and in Canada by Dimedia. Present at Paris Photo (Grand Palais) since 2017 and at the Rencontres d’Arles since 2010, the publishing house is a member of France Photo Book, a national association that brings together some twenty independent publishers of photography books, and of Éditeurs du sud, an association that brings together some twenty publishers in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.


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